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The PITAKA New Wallet live on

World's fastest access magnetic modular wallet that is magnetic stripe friendly.

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Slide and Swipe

Swiping your card should be hassle-free. Just a slide whenever you pay. It has never been so easy to use your wallet.

Pocket-Friendly Design

As always, the PITAKA NEW wallet is sleek modular design. You can slice it into any pockets easily.

Box Layer Module

Holds any essentials like keys, sim-cards, coins, cards...

Money Clip Module

Not only a fast-access clip for notes. It holds cards too.

Magnetic Stripe Friendly

The first magnetic wallet that is safe for the magnetic stripe cards. By embedding special MU metal, any magnetic stripe cards are shielded against magnetic fields and stay safe.


Put a name or a slogan that inspires
you everyday on your wallet, and make it
a world exclusive.


Keeps your data safe away from RFID hacking.

Lasts Forever!

The material carbon fiber allows it to be not only extremely light and slim
but also ridiculously strong and durable. It will last forever.

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Pre-Order Now On IndieGoGo!